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Do we prove our mettle during tough times more then easy times?

Does fear rule us more then love?

Is anger to fear what betrayal is to love?

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Is there such a thing as a “Golden Age” or is this just a human desire to believe that things were better during another era that’s not our own?

Are you nostalgic for some other time in your life?

The idea of a “Golden Age” first came in use during the Roman Empire. Before that era, gold did not have the same meaning—does it still have the same meaning today?

Something Else:

As we reflect on the lead up and observance of the 10th anniversary of 9-11-01, I thought about how there are still people who believe in some kind of conspiracy about the event. And even less radical people believe there is still a cover-up of details. Why do we even think there are conspiracies and cover-ups when major national events happen?

Is it just that we can’t trust anyone in authority anymore?

When did we move from believing those in power (be it political or community) were right and looking out for our common good to thinking they are all suspicious and out only for their own gain?

Something Else:

Is it possible to have an inside self—a private person inside our public selves that no one else gets to know?

With so many people chatting about every little thing they do and posting images of their lives as they are happening, do we really think we can keep anything to ourselves?

I remember the time when we were telling kids to use their “inside voices” even when outside; but, really, is that a concept that died with the 80’s?  If everything is out there for all to see (and frankly, just assuming people want to know what your cat looks like in the sun while sleeping, or what you look like in your underwear for that matter…) aren’t we fast turning into a nation of narcissists?

Something Else:

Photo credit: Chris Bennion

The K of D, an urban legend stars Renata Friedman as more than a dozen characters in a phenomenal and haunting performance that makes you wonder just which facets of your life and self are private and which ones are public. The play will make its regional premiere at Illusion Theater on October 8. For more information, visit Illusion Theater’s website or The K of D, an urban legend.