Is theater as a form obsolete?

As everything becomes more global and the focus shifts to Asia, is there room for the act of watching a play – an evening of watching people talk – or will it become a museum piece and the Western performing arts that survive will be Ballet and Classical Music?

Or will the big Broadway-style entertainment be the only kind of theater to thrive in brave new world?

Something Else:

If you really want to help the American theater, don’t be an actress, dahling. Be an audience.Tallulah Bankhead

“I want to give the audience a hint of a scene. No more than that. Give them too much and they won’t contribute anything themselves. Give them just a suggestion and you get them working with you. That’s what gives the theater meaning: when it becomes a social act.”Orson Welles

I had been a kid that moved so much, I didn’t have a lot of friends. Theater really represented camaraderie. –Francis Ford Coppola