They say “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and they also say “out of sight out of mind”—so which is it? I’ve taken a hiatus from the weekly Three Questions and Something Else blog because we have been so busy—traveling to Nashville, Chicago and New York and then back to Chicago and New York as well as producing an incredible Fresh Ink. I’ve been writing my questions and making observations, but decided to take a summer break. Now I’m back. Let me know what you think.

Something Else:

I imagine we have all had a teen-angst moment when we were obsessed with a song or poet and wore the same shirt every day or wrote reams of our own poetry. Well, I did the summer I was 12. We had recently moved, and my grandmother had recently passed away (may she rest in peace). I would sit in the corner of our basement rec room and play Sounds of Silence over and over again—feeling that I was that rock and no one understood me.  Fortunately for me—and my family—this lasted only a few weeks before I became insanely busy doing something else.

The importance of Simon and Garfunkel and that song never left me.

Fast forward to being a college freshman in West Texas (don’t ask—that’s another story I’ll tell you some day). Not only did I feel so alone, but I was stuck in a place more foreign to me than any of the foreign lands I ever visited. So I joined the leadership council at the student union and managed to get myself in charge of booking acts. Yes, you can see this one coming—I was able to book Simon and Garfunkel because they had a date free between two bigger venues in bigger towns. It was somewhat of a coup because the school’s tastes ran more in the line with country or heavy metal, but I prevailed and was able to meet them for two seconds back stage before I introduced them.

Just before I heard my cue, Art leaned over and asked me if I had a favorite song—and yes, you know I did—so I told him. He smiled as if to say “What else would you choose?” Then I was on, and then they were on. When they came to “Sound of Silence,” he introduced the song by saying something cryptic like “This is for someone out there who knows why.” It was a sweet pleasure to come full circle from the 12-year-old in the basement to standing back stage watching the concert.

I know you all have a memory of some song that got you through a 12-or 13-year-old moment. This one is mine.