Is there such a thing as a public self and a private self? And when we hear that topic come up, what do we really think is meant by “public”? Outside your own room? At the grocery store? I have a friend who thought that when the nuns told her God was watching and she should always be good, she imagined some heavenly film maker was following her around 24/7 filming everything she did and recording everything she said or thought so God could watch and judge. Little did she know that for some people this is true; only it’s not a heavenly camera watching, but TMZ. Are kids growing up thinking that whatever they do will be worthy of watching and commenting — and is this a good thing? I can see it now in some future media world (as in 2012) there will be an app that takes “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” and turn it into “Future Celebrities Do the Stupidest Things While Still in Diapers.”

Something Else:   Roger Hargreaves was born on this day in 1935. He was a British author and illustrator of children’s books, notably the Mr. Men and Little Miss series.