With all the current talk about debt and getting back to a time when we were great and all was going in the right direction, have you ever wondered if there ever really were “better” times? And if you believe this, then for whom were they better?

And then there’s the “simpler times theory” that everything is “just so much more complicated” and “if we could only go back.” Go back to when and to what?

Of course, we don’t seem to have much of a memory as Americans and the idea of learning from our mistakes is kind of a joke—but is this need to have to always be going forward — always looking to the future the best way to run a life? A country?

Something Else:  
“The oil and natural gas we rely on for 75 percent of our energy are running out. In spite of increased effort, domestic production has been dropping steadily at about six percent a year. Imports have doubled in the last five years. Our nation’s independence of economic and political action is becoming increasingly constrained. Unless profound changes are made to lower oil consumption, we now believe that early in the 1980s the world will be demanding more oil that it can produce.”
– President Jimmy Carter in his speech on  Proposed Energy Policy April 18, 1977