1. With all the current talk about how to get the Nation back on track and that we need to foster innovation to move forward and once more dominate the world, I’ve been thinking, is creativity something we are prone to or not? Can you teach it? (I’ve read that students in other countries come here to seek higher education and may outperform American students in the technical aspects of math and science, but they don’t know how to leap from idea to idea or think creatively like the best American students do.)
2. How about pyschic abilities? Are we born with them? (My grandmother believed we all had them, that we have the ability to know things we shouldn’t know but that this ability is crushed by our upbringings, the culture and fear.)
3. Then there’s athletic ability, probably more important to most Americans than either of the other two abilities. Is it genetic, or is it something we can train any one of us to do?

Today’s Something Else: A Fourth Question and a Fifth Question

4. Of the three “gifts” above, which do you think the average American most wants to have?
5. Which do you most want to have?