1. Are we Americans really prudes? I’ve been following the flap over the American version of the British teenage angst/sex series “Skins” that just aired to much controversy. How come in the UK it’s just a normal TV show about real life while in America it’s pornography?
2. What makes something acceptable in American mass media? Is sex talk OK when it comes from actors in soap operas (who all look like models who have great dermatologists and dentists) speaking with lots of innuendo?
3. Why do we think British television is better? No need to pander to advertisers? A process that doesn’t expect them to run forever and ever? A smaller creative world where artists work in TV, film and theater?

Today’s Something Else: Our Constant British TV Invasion

How many American knock-offs of British shows actually work? What are your thoughts on these remakes?

“The Office”
“Life on Mars”
– “Fawlty Towers” (which was remade into a show called “Snavely” starring current hot topic Betty White and lasted no more than one or two episodes)
“Being Human”
– “Till Death Do Us Part” (which became “All in the Family”)
– “One Foot in the Grave” (which became “The Cosby Show”)
“Undercover Boss”
“Antiques Road Show”
“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”
“The X Factor”

(While we’re on the topic, did you catch last Thursday’s brief interaction between the American and British office bosses?)