1. Where does the expression “rob Peter to pay Paul” come from?
2. Are there more conspiracy theories during hard economic times or less?
3. Is keeping secrets all that bad? What about telling little white lies now and then?

Today’s Something Else: Live(-Tweeted) Theater

This past Wednesday, Illusion Theater hosted its first-ever live-tweet event, another new venture we undertook to expand and experiment with our social media repertoire. Participants received tickets to an exclusive preview of our Lights Up! show, “Le Misanthrope, or the Impossible Lovers.” The catch: They had to keep on their phones and live-tweet their reactions from the theater.

What we got was fascinating feedback, many of them super-self-conscious 140-character instant reviews and many others great personal reactions to what happened on the stage. We even became a trending topic in Minneapolis.

The majority of the night’s tweets will be available for viewing on Twitter for a few more days, but here’s a collection of some of our favorite tweets:

@LLwL: Ellen fenter’s boots rock. #lightsup

@LLwL: Good translation/adaptation mr holm. Oh, actor tried to make eye contact. Woops. Tweeting hope it doesn’t throw them. #lightsup

@fscotty: I’m very impressed the actors can remember these lines. It takes me like three seconds to understand them. #lightsup

@fscotty: I want to be friends with Oronte. Who doesn’t love a boozy dame? #lightsup

@catiyas: With the contemporary rhyming dialog in this “Misanthrope”, I want Boris Karloff to narrate. #lightsup #seussical

@catiyas: The scripted cattiness onstage right now unleash all sorts of my own arty party anxiety. Yikes & well done. #lightsup

@fscotty: everyone likes a good catfight. #lightsup

@fscotty: ‘You hypocrite leech’ is my new go-to insult. #lightsup

@LLwL: “…A supener, I know the grass is greener/Far away” will be on my epitaph. Thank you quotable Sass, Bro #lightsup