1. What’s the deal with all of these New Year’s resolutions?
2. When did that habit start, and why are so many of them about diet, basically saying, “I don’t like my body” and, “I need to do something better”? Better than what or whom?
3. Do you do resolutions? What are they?

Today’s Something Else: More Musings for 2011

The New Year also brings out the widespread practice of making predictions. Once the purview of shamans and priests and soothsayers, now all you have to do is have a big mouth and feel important enough to lay out a list of things and count on the fact that no one will remember what you said a year later because, well, we never seem to look back in America. Do you do predictions?

And how about those year-end “10 Best” lists?  Seems like there’s a list for everything from cocktails to tweets. I always wonder from what they derive those lists. Isn’t usually the product of an individual, and isn’t it impossible for one individual to see/read/listen/watch everything in a field or topic or art form within a year? And why exactly is it a “10 Best” list? Why not “3 Best”? Is it because we have the 10 Commandments in mind as the benchmark for the correct number of important things?