1. Do you find some of today’s job titles, like Document Fragmentation Specialist, Hygiene Equipment Technician, Sandwich Artist, Playstation Ambassador, etc. etc. humorous or annoying? What happened to the practice of just having a job title that said what the job does?
2. How about trying to find a parking meter? You drive around and around and find one and then it just eats and eats your quarters while still flashing “expired.” Annoying, right?
3. And then how about the way each retail season — I’m not going to call them Holiday Seasons, because they don’t really exist anymore — begins earlier and further and further away from the actual date of the so-called Holiday? Is that annoying or just so much a part of American life that it’s a “so what”? And what’s with this calling us shoppers “guests”? Is poring through all kinds of merchandise — however nice it might be — something you would ever do to your guests?

Today’s Something Else: So It Snowed This Weekend…

On Saturday, Illusion Theater had its first-ever show cancellation due to weather. A #snownami will do that.

Below is a look at our neighbors down 6th Street. Good thing their new home doesn’t have a Teflon roof.