1. Why are athletes and actors so superstitious?
2. How many little rituals do you have and for what kinds of things? Like, is there something you have to do before you meet someone to make sure it goes well? What do you do before walking into a room where you don’t know anyone? Is there something you say or do before making an important decision?
3. What are some other “before doing xyz” moments where you are superstitious? Is there a difference between superstitious activities and praying?

Today’s Something Else: Sophie’s Sayings

My Grandmother Sophie influenced me in so many ways that I could fill a year’s worth of Something Elses with stories just about her. This week, I wanted to share some of the things she taught me that are so embedded into my thinking that I can’t imagine ever not following them. They’re a few of many, many more.

– If you drop a knife, don’t pick it up. If you do, you’ll experience disappointment.

– Don’t put shoes on the table or hats on the bed. If you do, you’re inviting death into the house.

– When someone passes you a sharp object (e.g., knife, scissors), don’t say, “Thank you.” If you do, you’re going to get cut.

– If you want your hair to grow back fast, cut it while the moon is waxing. If you want your hair to grow back slowly, cut it when the moon is waning. The same applies when ending a relationship.

– If you want a quiet sleep that’s filled with good dreams and no visits from bad spirits, make sure your head is facing the north or east.