1. Am I the only one, or does all this talk about the “Middle Class” and its importance to the core values of America drive you as nuts as it does me?
2. I mean, who really likes being middle anything: Isn’t middle age, middle income, middle child and middle fill-in-the-blank all just a way to say, “boring”?
3. I think this obsession with the middle is fueled by a romantic notion of some past time when being Middle Class was the pinnacle of the American Dream. But doesn’t the quintessential, horrible playground game “Monkey in the Middle” best describe what being in the middle really means? No one wants to be that monkey, right?

Today’s Something Else: A Goodbye to “Always & Forever”

photo courtesy of Marlin Possehl

We closed “Always & Forever” this weekend with a roof-raising final performance.  Was sorry to put this show to bed, but have great hopes of more to come. Thought I’d share a photo from the closing party. Thanks to Marlin, who never goes anywhere without his camera. It was a joyous, bittersweet night — and yes, there was singing along with the usual party chit-chat and thank-you-see-you-soon-on-to-the-next-show theater toasts.