1. Is the devil in the details? Or is the devil in your mind like a character in a Dostoevsky novel?
2. Does anyone believe that the devil exists as a being, a person, a goat man with horns and a tail? Is the devil real?
3. Or is he that neighbor who votes for the Party you don’t vote for and therefore has to be evil? Is there really “evil” or just regular schmos doing bad things?

Today’s Something Else: More Questions (Please Indulge Me; I Feel Inquisitive This Week)
Perhaps he (for sure the Big D has to be a he) is a character in a play or opera — there are plenty with names like Satan, Devil, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, etc. Except for the recent play by an Irish writer where the devil is a character that beats you at poker and drinks everyone under the table and is played by the guy who was Julius Caesar in “Rome.” Some say Caesar was the devil incarnate leading the Empire to its ruin and others say he was an angel sent to save the Empire. Aren’t devils just fallen angels anyway? Angel/devil, good/evil, or like the song “Joy & Pain” from “Always & Forever,” are these just two sides of the same coin?