1. Men, do you still get your hair cut at a barbershop? Or have you moved on to salons?
2. What’s a barbershop without a barbershop pole outside?
3. Should we have included a barbershop pole in the set of “Always and Forever”?

Today’s Something Else: Some Bonus Trivia
Every time I go anywhere and see a barber pole, I tend to take a close look at it. Why? Well, one of my best friends growing up was Bob Marvy, and his father, Bill Marvy, was one of the foremost makers of Barber Poles in the world. He started making them in St. Paul in 1950; a half-century later, there were more than 82,000 of them throughout the world. (I have a picture somewhere of me standing next to a Marvy pole in Paris.) Today, the William Marvy Company is the sole manufacturer of barber poles in North America. Did you know that?